Saturday, June 26, 2004

For me, one of the worst feelings in the world is when one of my vehicles isn't working. Our "new" (2002) Jeep Liberty wouldn't start last night, so all we've been dealing with all day is getting it started and having a new battery installed. A completely wasted day! I've been looking forward to this weekend all week because it was such a hectic week. And then I have to spend all day Saturday dealing with the stupid car! Arrgghh!

This week

I can sum up this week by using the immortal words of Governor William J. Le Petomane: "Work, work, work. Work, work, work. Work, work, work. Hello boys! Have a good night's rest? I missed you..."

Sunday, June 20, 2004

I'm still here...

Sorry it has been so long since I've posted, I've had a kind of crazy schedule recently.

So much has been going on, where do I start? I suppose I'll start with going to see "Harry Potter". I loved it. The new director really added a much darker feel to the movie but it was appropriate to the story. I also loved the new sets, I think they gave Hogwart's more depth. I'm sure there are people who miss the old sets and the all-over feel of the 1st two movies but I think the changes really made this movie great. Anyway, enough about that.

Last weekend we had our friends, Chris and Melissa, over for dinner. Glenn and I really enjoyed having them over to eat, play a game and watch their cruise video. Chris and Melissa are really nice and fun people. I think it's great that Glenn and I have another couple to hang out with.

The past two weeks I've been on a project at work but it is very boring and I had terrible hours this week so I can't wait for it to be over. I was just holding out for the weekend, looking forward to going to Disney MGM Studios with Chris and Melissa. The four of us had made plans to meet for lunch at the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater and then just hang out at the Studios. I was asked to work overtime, but I told them no way, that felt really good.

Anyway, today is for rest because it's back to the rat races tomorrow! We are watching the NASCAR race right now and getting ready for lunch, I'm starving! So, I'll sign off for now and write again more later.

Have a nice day!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2004

New favorite TV show

I have a new favorite TV show. It's called NASCAR Drivers 360. I just read Tiffany's latest blog entry, and she mentioned last night's show, and I just wanted to let everyone know that I love the show. It's a neat show because it shows the everyday lives of different race car drivers. You feel more connected to them when you watch the race on Sunday, and I catch myself watching for them during the race.

And I have to say something to set the record straight: My two favorite drivers are Jeff Gordon and anyone beating Dale Jr. That being said...I don't dislike Dale Jr. as a person. In fact, I think that we have a lot in common: we both like computers and high-tech gadgets, he likes rock music (he even had my favorite band--Smash Mouth--on his car in 2001), we both lost our Dads at an early age, he seems shy (he's a superstar, but he was scared to go up to a girl and ask her out) and he's down to earth. It's just a shame his fans ruined me ever becoming a fan of Dale, Jr. The reason is simply because 99% of Dale Jr.'s fans are Dale Sr.'s fans who migrated to him after his emotional win at the Pepsi 400 in 2001. Once they decided to back Dale Sr.'s son instead of his team (RCR and Kevin Harvick), I didn't like him. (With the exception of Aunt Cheryl, Tiffany and Scott, I REALLY dislike Dale Sr.'s fans.) And I don't know that I would have disliked Dale Sr. as a person either. It was his fans. Had they backed Harvick instead of Dale, Jr. I would have the same feelings about Harvick and be a Dale Jr. fan.

Just wanted to get that out.

Disney-MGM and Tivo

Tammy and I met Chris and Melissa at Disney-MGM Studios today. We ate at the Sci-Fi and then toured the park. You can see a photo of us eating lunch at our photo gallery. We also took along Pal Mickey. He seemed to enjoy the trip. We sure did.

When we got home, I received a message from my sister telling me that she had bought a TiVo. Actually, her notification was "T-Doe has TiVo!" She's currently in the process of setting it up. I think she'll really enjoy it. I know Tammy and I LOVE ours.

I bought the fourth season of The Simpsons on DVD today. It has my favorite episode (Homer the Heretic) along with many more classic episodes. By far one of the best seasons of the series.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

We survived

Chris and Melissa came over last night to visit, and we ate dinner and played Monopoly. I hope they had a good time, because Tammy and I had a GREAT time. We ate first, then Chris and I were going to upgrade the TiVo, so Tammy and Melissa left to go to shopping at the mall. We opened up the TiVo, and found out we needed a bracket, so we couldn't do anything. So we just talked for a while and looked at some of my old photos.

Once Tammy and Melissa got back, we watched part of Chris and Melissa's Disney Cruise video. We enjoyed watching it, because it reminded us of our trip, and we got to see all the fun they had. One REALLY cool thing is that when they boarded the ship, Melissa told the cast member their name was the "Welch family from Orlando" so that's what they announced on the Magic, and Chris caught it on video. How great is that???

Then we pulled out the Disney Theme Park Monopoly. That was fun even though I got my ass whooped. And I mean whooped quickly and decisively. Oh well.

We were invited over to their house for the 4th of July and I know we're going to have a great time over there. We sure enjoyed having them over, and hope to do it again soon.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I can't believe it...

My sister created her own blog!!! I'm so excited that my geek gene was passed on in some form :-) You can read her blog here: T-doe's Tidbits

As for Tammy and I, well we've been busy getting ready for Melissa and Chris to come over for dinner and games on Saturday night. We're going to make Jambalaya and play Disney Theme Park Monopoly after upgrading our TiVo. It's nice when the Alpha Geek comes to visit :-) We just hope the two of them have a good time at our place.

Speaking of Melissa and Chris, Chris has posted days one through three of their cruise pictures on their website:

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Friday night and Saturday morning

Last night Tammy and I went to Disney-MGM since it didn't close until 9 p.m. "Star Wars Weekends" have been taking place the past three weekends, but since we were in New Orleans for the first two weekends, we hadn't made it out there yet. (In case you didn't know it, we are big Star Wars fans.) We were planning on going this weekend, but when I saw an image of this year's poster on, I wanted to go ASAP so I could get one before they sold out. It is the greatest poster of all time!!! My favorite place with my favorite movie. Priceless!

So we made it out to the park by 8 p.m., made a beeline over to Tatooine Traders, and scooped up one of the posters, a couple of pins, and a keychain. Then we headed over to the Commissary and ate dinner and then we walked around and took some photos.

This morning, Tammy had to go to work at 8:30 a.m., but she got an early release at 11 a.m. Tammy is a fan of Harry Potter, so we went to the Cinemark theater to see the new movie. It was a pretty good movie--much darker than the first two (as the book was), and it was also a bit shorter than the first two.

After the movie, we went to Don Pablo's to eat lunch. After eating, we came home and were greeted by a call from Chris. He has just returned from the 7-night Disney Cruise and he and Melissa had a wonderful time. He told me a lot about the trip, but there's still a lot more to hear and see (photos and video), so I'll get the whole trip report soon.